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In December 2011 I was contacted by Loran Dunn of  Blue Robot Films in Manchester, they needed a make up artist to work on a short film they were producing for Director David Schofield of Ironbeard Films.

I read the script and said yes, it was an interesting and intriguing concept and I was excited to be part of it.  The make up required was very straightforward because the actors needed to look natural and there was a small amount of blood work involved.

Filming took place in the Peak District and on an early, cold and snowy morning the cast and crew descended upon the beautiful Longdendale Reservoir.

The actors in this film are the lovely and talented Mia Vore and Nick Pearse.

After make up, filming commenced and the hours flew by (time flies when you’re having fun) and it was soon lunchtime – beautifully provided by Blue Robot from the catering van that had been hired for the scenes.  After lunch filming started again and before long the day was wrapped.  The next day we had to trek into what my London brain insisted was the wilds…

I then realised that we had to climb first up and then down a rather steep hill to get to the shooting location and I’m ashamed to say my fear set in.  I am utterly terrified of heights (reminds of when I went on the Manchester wheel with my then 10year old daughter and she had to comfort me because I was freaked out!!) and frankly I needed a lot of assistance and reassurance in order to do the climb – I think I tested everyone’s patience but I did eventually manage it.

After make up was done and the first few scenes finished, it was time to bring out the blood.  There were a few problems with the FX part of the make up because the cut was done with on skin silicone but because of the extremely cold temperature it just wouldn’t set so this was scrapped and an alternative method was used.  I chose to use the lovely blood Kensington Gore from Mouldlife – it has such a realistic colour on camera and is perfect for using under HD conditions.

The day wrapped and we all trooped back up and down the mountain hill again and made our way back to the cars and warmth.

On long and sometimes cold days you have to maintain a cheery nature on set.

The finished film was submitted to a competition run by Jessops in conjunction with The Mob Film Company (see here for more info on the competitions inception) with final 10 being judged by Paul WS Anderson.  Im very pleased to say that the film won the competition.  A very well deserved win for the talented David.

Watch the film.

and here’s the winner announcement

The film has also been chosen for the London Short Film Festival which means it’s in the running for a BAFTA

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