Nov 292012

I recently worked on a really interesting shoot that involved black latex bodypaint, a shark fin and some black duct tape!

The shoot took place at the fabulous Edge Photographic Studio in Manchester under the creative guidance of photographer Tony Wadham from Photographics Studio.  The lovely model for the day was the beautiful Portia Victoria.

I arrived and discussed the creative look with Tony who explained what he was after and whilst Portia prepared for the arduous task ahead I had a quick stroll round the studio.  The shoot itself was to take place in the white infinity cove but the studio also boasts a black infinity cove as well as several smaller sets.

Tony had purchased the black latex bodypaint from Liquidflesh and they had very helpfully provided sponge applicators to make the job easier.  Anyone who has ever worked with liquid latex in any capacity can attest to the smell so I was pleasantly surprised at the low Ammonia odour of the latex bodypaint.  I attached the latex modesty patch that I had pre-made to Portia and started painting.  3 Coats and 2 hours later the job was almost complete, attaching the fin wasn’t too difficult and the superior sticking power of the duct tape really came in handy, add over a couple of layers of latex on top of the tape and that fin was going nowhere.

I had originally planned to polish the latex paint as well but it already had a really good sheen to it so after discussion with Tony we decided that this was surplus to requirements and the shoot commenced.

Tony was extremely kind and has allowed me to use a few of the resulting images which I’m really pleased about as I think they are really stunning and unusual – and anyone who knows me, knows that I love the unusual.

Take a look, what do you think?

I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot, Tony had a very clear creative vision which made my job flow smoothly (an MUAs dream), Portia is not only beautiful on the outside she is also a genuinely lovely person and we had a giggle whilst working, the studio was fab and Jon the owner has considered everyone’s needs with a great purpose built area for make up.





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