Oct 222012

I was one of the make up artists at the first Manchester workshop for The Katie Piper Foundation.  The Foundation help’s people living with scarring, and their vision is

“A world where scars do not limit a person’s function, social inclusion or sense of well being”.

I felt honoured to be considered as one of the artist’s and the day was wonderful for both the volunteers (that included hairdressers and massage therapists as well as MUA’s) and the attendees.  Lucinda Ellery had kindly donated her salon as the location for the workshop and the luxurious surroundings turned the day into a fabulous pampering session as well as one aimed at helping people with their camouflage make up – let me just say at this point that not everyone with scarring wanted the camouflage, some just wanted a beauty make up.

All the volunteers were excited to be at this wonderful event and I met some lovely women giving their time and knowledge to help others feel better – ladies you know who you are and you are all very talented and special xx

We also had the lovely Sammy and Nigel on hair, Claire providing massage and Jay and Gavin providing any additional support needed.

Katie Piper herself was there to do manicures for the attendees.

The MUAs had all been pre-assigned their attendee, and the woman who was chosen for me required both a camouflage (no details to retain privacy) and a beauty make up.

My client was very pleased with her new look and Nigel did a fantastic job on her hair, taking the time to pincurl to get the required style.  She was new to camouflage and was pleased with my work in that area.

While my client was having her hair done, I went and helped Katie with the manicures – Katie has a LOT of nail polishes!

The Foundation provided everyone with a fabulous lunch and refreshements were available throughout the day.

Product’s were provided for our use on the day, so a huge thank you goes out to: Kryolan; Veil; Vichy Dermablend; Keromask and Covermark.

To the attendees: you humble me with your bravery and resilience.

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