Oct 092012

Just a little post today on something that is quite old.  As part of a wider college experience, Rotherham College of Arts and Technology used to pair different educational areas together so that student’s could benefit from each other’s training.  As part of my level 3 NVQ in Media Make Up, make up student’s were teamed up with trainee forensic photographers in collaboration with South Yorkshire Police.  Wewere given scenario’s and using a student from the performing arts department as our “victim” we had to do make up to simulate the injuries/illnesses described in the aforementioned scenario.  The scenario I was given was one of an overdose by a junkie, and there was also a bystander.  I did some research into overdose deaths and looked at pictures of track lines (the marks caused by the damage done to veins by Heroin).

I paled the victim’s visible skin areas with a foundation that was a shade lighter than the natural skin tone and then powdered to set, I then dusted (very lightly) a pale yellow eyeshadow over the skin to give a sallow appearance and using a light brown eyeshadow I then darkened the under eye area a little as well, I used a small amount of pale blue greasepaint on the lips and on the nails to give the appearance of Cyanosis.  The trackmarks were done with a little bit of Dermawax and red lip pencil softened with a brush.

We also had to leave some clues around the scene so I made some vomit – a mixture of vegetable soup and porridge oats and some of this was smeared onto the actors face and clothes as well as placing some large globs on the floor near the “body”.

Other clues left included a belt tornique around the arm, a syringe on the floor and a packet of Heroin (fine golden sugar) in the pocket, once the scene was set the forensic photography students stepped in to investigate the “Scene of Crime”.

The make up was pretty basic, and I didn’t have a full kit for FX then but it was an interesting and enjoyable experience working alongside forensic students and the Police.



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