Oct 032012

This was a fun little job I had recently.  I was contacted by PureGym, Spinningfields in Manchester to do some body painting.

The gym had a float in the main parade at Manchester Pride 2012 and the theme they had chose was Greek gods.  The models on the float would need to be painted gold from head to toe.  I was told that there could be upto 20 people to paint and that I only had 2 hours to do it!!!  I know that this would be an impossible task to do on my own so I engaged the services of fellow make up artist Lynsey Conway.  I had advised the gym that the best product for this particular job would be Mehron Metallic Powder in Gold used alongside  the mixing medium – the benefit of using this product is that once the mixing medium is combined with the gold pigment it becomes an alcohol based paint, this provide’s excellent longevity of the product on the skin without the need for frequent touch ups.  PureGym ordered the product from Treasure House of Make Up.

Lynsey and I arrived at the gym and were shown to our “painting room”, we set up the paints and one by one the models (gym regulars) came and took their turn at being painted, I had chosen to use a combination of a taklon foundation brush for the facial area and a 1.5″ Daler Rowney Short Flat (AF55) from the Aquafine range for the body.  Both of these brushes performed extremely well with the Mehron paint, providing great coverage without brush marks.

Once everyone was painted the models, PureGym management and myself made our way up Deansgate to the start of the parade, we had a little time before the parade actually started so I re-checked everyone’s “paint jobs” and waited for the parade to start.

The float itself looked very “greek temple” with columns, balconies and flower urns, the finishing touches were the grape vines entwined round the float – it was everything a Pride float should be 😉

The sun did come out for a quick visit and the boys were glinting in the sunlight.

Once the parade started I somehow (read didn’t get on the pavement in time) ended up as part of the parade so rather than looking like some random straggler, I grabbed some whistles and leaflets and got stuck in handing them out to the revellers 🙂

It was a fun day and I met some fantastic people including Supergirl, the Queen and the Rainbow Nun!

and one more additional “scenic” picture for you to enjoy 😉

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