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As well as straight and FX make up, I am also trained to provide camouflage (aka paramedical) make up.  I have recently volunteered for a wonderful charitable organisation called The Katie Piper Foundation.  Katie Piper was a young model who was scarred in a horrific acid attack arranged by her ex-boyfriend, and in 2009 she waived her right to anonymity to increase awareness of burns survivors.

I am a volunteer MUA for the Foundation and because of this I researched the camouflage products available (to enable me to be well versed in the newer products and therefore provide a better service to the Foundation).  I found the website of Veil Cover Cream and after a browse discovered that they were (upto 30th September 2012) seeking people to participate in the Veil Challenge, to take part all you had to do was either Like their page on Facebook or tweet about the challenge on Twitter and the first 50 people would be sent a sample pack of their choice – Light/Medium or Medium/Dark.  I chose Light/Medium and waited for it to arrive.  A couple of days later it arrived and I opened the little package and found a neat and tastefully designed little package containing the samples.

I opened the pack of samples expecting to find 3 or 4 colours, inside the pack there were 21 (yes 21) samples of the Veil Cover Cream, a small pot of  translucent finishing powder and a little spatula.  The choice of colours was good and the product caters for both yellow and pink undertones.

Although I’m familiar with how to use camouflage products I followed the instructions printed on the pack.

The client I used for the Veil Challenge is a private client (not from the Foundation) whom I have previously provided services to.  She is a young woman who has concerns about some red and slightly raised stretch marks on her leg, I explained the camouflage process and prepped her skin.

I matched the product to the her skin, I used a small synthetic brush to apply the product and then using my finger I gently patted the edges of the product to blend it into the surrounding skin, once I was happy with the way it looked I applied the translucent setting powder using a soft powder puff.

I was initially skeptical about the product because the consistency is a lot creamier than the camouflage products I have used in the past.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the Veil cream is to apply and set, it did what it was supposed and covered the stretch marks well and I didn’t need to use a lot of product either.  The best indicator of the product’s value is a happy client and I received some feedback from my client, she went for a night out and felt confident enough to not wear tights or trousers- the first time for several months.

Veil Cover Cream can be used to cover a variety of skin disorders including: birthmarks; Rosacea; Vitiligo; burn scars; acne scars; port-wine stains and post-operative bruising (for a complete list check here).  Veil also makes a complimentary skin care system and kits aimed at tattoo camouflage.

I don’t have any major skin problems that need covering but I do get the occasional redness on my face caused by environmental factors, I wouldn’t normally consider using a camouflage cream on my face (because of the heavy consistency) but the lightness and ease of use of Veil’s product would definately have me reaching for a jar of Veil Cover Cream.





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  1. My brother bookmarked this web page for me and I have been going through it for the past several hours. This is really going to assist me for a class project. By the way, I like the way you write.

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