Sep 162012

Mouldlife are one of the leading suppliers to the FX industry in the UK, and a trip to their website – will show that they are not limited to this area of business alone, they are also involved in prototyping & modelmaking, composite’s and tooling, they carry a range of adhesives and last but definately not least special FX and make up.

I’ve shopped online with Mouldlife twice now, the first time I made purchases I wasn’t sure how much Chavant clay I needed to order so I phoned and spoke to Pete*, I explained what the clay was for and he advised me on how much to order – it also turned out that we had an acquaintance in common (I’m definately starting to believe the six degree’s theory), in addition to the Chavant (best price I have found in the UK) I also ordered some WED clay and Creating Character Prosthetics in Silicone by Neill Gorton.  I waited eagerly for my package and the next day it arrived, I unpacked the goodies within, everything was present and correct and I then sat down to watch my DVDs.

The second time I ordered I purchased a couple of the Tinsil 7025 1.1kg silicone kits and some of Mouldlife’s own brand prosaide, Aquafix (just as good but with the bonus of exceptional value attached), again delivery was prompt, and the product’s quality was as expected.

I met some of the Mouldlife team at London IMATS 2012 and was given some of their LifeWipes to try, I was admittedly sceptical that a little moist towlette would do much in prosthetic/adhesive removal but that little square of cloth packs a punch, quickly getting rid of prosaide – if you have a lot of removals to do I recommend them, you will save a lot of time and hassle for your victims talent.

Anyone looking to purchase FX materials in the UK will not be disappointed with a visit to Mouldlife’s webshop  The one minor drawback is that not eveything they actually sell is on the website, so if you don’t see what you want give them a quick call, they have excellent customer service and will happily advise you.

Mouldlife can be found on Facebook and Twitter and I have heard that they will be updating the website soon, so hopefully their entire product range will be on the website.

I will definately order from Mouldlife and happily recommend you to as well.

*Peter Tindall

NB. I have not been paid to write a review and I have no affiliation with Mouldlife other than that of a happy customer.

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  1. Thanks for the Kind words, Sadly I don’t work for mouldlife anymore. I miss the guys and gals soooo much.

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