Sep 102012

The ubiquitous Snow Princess/Ice Queen.  This is actually one of my oldest shoots and was based on a make up that I had done for a student competition at RCAT (which I won), at the time I had no professional shoots so I had uploaded a few of the pictures that I had  taken to an online profile I had on and as a result was contacted by Eddie Cheng.

(My original concept was autumn becoming winter, so my model on the day had features of both – here are the pictures, even though I do cringe at the make up in them lol).

Eddie wanted to utilise the winter concept only, he had arranged for the lovely Keigley Griffiths as the model.  I airbrushed Keigley to get her skin an even white and I then powdered her with a white shimmery eyeshadow (sorry cannot remember the brand now), I used a silver dazzle dust by Barry M on her eyelids and for the lips I used silver leaf.  I back-combed Keigley’s hair and sprinkled glitter through it and accessorised with a silver snowflake shaped christmas tree decoration that I had hot-glued to a barrette clip ;-).

Definately an improvement on the first attempt of this concept, it makes me wonder how different it would be if I did this again – maybe I will re-visit this one day.

If you have done your own version of this concept I would love to see it!!



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