Aug 172012

Back in April 2012 a good friend of mine asked me to provide some zombie effects for a University project.  I was more than happy to do this and I set about sculpting an open cheek prosthetic (I used my preferred clay Chavant NSP Soft available from Mouldlife). I moulded this using Crystalcal R plaster.








The day of the shoot arrived and I applied the prosthetic – cast from professional gelatine made by Maekup using prosaide, the prosthetic had to be slightly adjusted to fit the actor’s face and it was painted using Premier Products FX Skin Illustrator pallette, I did some skin mottling as well to give the appearance of the tissues dying from the Zombie infection, blood was applied to the exposed face.   I also applied a huge gash to actor/director Tony Gateley and shooting commenced.









Everyone involved had a great time and you can now watch  the video 🙂  Enjoy xx

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