Aug 032012

One of the effects required for the film i’m currently working on is a missing face.  I did some research on maxillofacial injuries and knowing that I wouldn’t have a lot of time on the day I started to build a portion of the prosthetic.

I had a life cast at home and to get the general shape I used some skin coloured silicone, I already had some pieces of tinted gelatine (Gelafix Skin from Kryolan) with muscle striations on and I had made some pieces of “bone” from LoL Fimo clay.  I tore the gelatine “muscle” and laid it into the silicone, I then placed some pieces of  bone and overlaid some more muscle.  I wanted to have an eye in the piece as well but didn’t have a proper mould so I used Kryolan’s Gelafix Skin and cut a pingpong ball in half and after heating the Gelafix poured it into one half, after it set I just trimmed it down a little and attached it using a little more silicone.




I then used more silicone to create stringy bits of skin.


To apply I used a thin layer of silicone and lightly pressed the piece into it, once cured I used Skin Illustrator FX pallet to punch up the red muscle area as well as paint the eye.  On online gaming set I used some Kryolan Fresh Scratch blood paste and some of the syrup blood, and maggots were placed onto the piece.  I think I should have an additional credit of Maggot Wrangler!

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